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Ukrainian holidays. Holidays in Ukraine.

    There are many holidays in Ukraine but we’d like to tell you about the main ones. Everything begins with the New Year’s Day, it’s one of the most favourite Ukrainian holiday, where everybody decorates a New Year tree and dances around it. Then Christmas comes in a week. It is very popular and ancient holiday in Ukraine. In the morning the boys go from house to house and sing traditional Ukrainian songs and wish people all the best. 

     The next interesting holiday in Ukraine is the 8th March. Men give presents to all women – mothers, grandmothers, sisters, teachers and girlfriends on that day. On the 9th May Ukraine celebrates the Victory Day. It’s a very great holiday. We say ‘’thanks a lot’’ to our grandparents who took part in a Great Patriotic War and defeated our Motherland. On the 24th August there is an Independence Day in Ukraine. Every holiday in Ukraine is interesting by itself but all of them are interesting and joyful.


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