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The first day
Coming to Lviv
Meeting a group at the station
Transfer to a hotel.
An excursion by bus around Lviv: St.George cathedral, Lviv’s Politehnyc, a University, a High castle, St. Soul Roman Catholic Church, Carmelit’s Roman Catholic Church, Porohova Tower, Uspenska church, a Royal Arsenal, a Dominican church.
An excursion on foot: a Chemists museum, an Armenian church , Rynok Square, Boims chapel, Latin Roman Catholic Church, St. Peter’s and Paul’s Cathedral, A.Mitskevych, T.Shevchenko monuments , Opera and Ballet House.
Free time
Supper at the hotel
Lodging for the night

(3 hours excursion by bus, 2 hours excursion on foot )

The second day


Exist to an excursion to Lviv’s castles ‘’A golden horseshoe”

OLES’KIJ CASTLE: The first written recollection about Oles’kij Castle was in 1327 when it became a property of Yurij- a mazovetskij prince son Rtojden and a Russian princess Mary. Yurij was invited by boars to Galicia- Volyn throne after disappearing family Romanovych. According to this date a castle was built by one of Galicia-Volyn  prince Yurij L’vovych sons- Andrew and Leo.

PIDGORETSKIJ CASTLE: was built in the 17th century by a French engineer Boplan, and a three- storeyed palace was built by an Italian Del’ Aqua. This castle looks like a palace better than a fortress and make a contrast with strong military fortposts in Brodskij acts in the village Pidgirtsi.Maybe it is the name of a mounting on a Pidgoretskij hill.

ZOLOCHIVSKIJ CASTLE: was built in 1630s and represent a citadel with bastions. In the 17th-18th centuries a castle belonged to Sobetski and Radzivilii and was situated on the hills and surrounded by banks and escarps. There is a Big Palace and a Chinese Palace in the yard of a castle.

Returning to Lviv ( the whole day excursion )

Free time


Supper at the hotel

Lodging for the night



The third day


Exist to an excursion ‘’Skolivski rocks”

‘’Skolivski rocks” – it’s a national nature park, is situated in Carpathians, at the territory of Skolivskij, Drogobyskij and Tyrkivskij districts of Lviv region. “ Skolivski rocks” its an unique place in Carpathians. Visit all these beautiful places is impossible but we suggest to visit the most beautiful and famous places in “Skolivski rocks’

An excursion on elevator to “Zahar Berkyt” mountain, the Carpathians panorama in Slavsk.


A waterfall Kamenka is situated in some kilometers from the route Lviv Uzhgorod in the direction to the village Dybina where you can feast your eyes of the waterfall Kamenka and a died lake to which you can get on foot. You can try tasty “ Carpathian wines’’ and meals of Ukrainian kitchen.

Returning to Lviv

Transfer to a railway station.




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Code Name of the tour Quantity of nigths Route Tour type Price
IN THE STREETS OF UNKNOWN PAST 5 hours Lviv Excursions
LVIV AS IT IS… 2 Lviv Excursions
COME TO LVIV FOR COFFEE 3 hours Lviv Excursions
BE ACQUAINTED - IT’S LVIV! 5 hours Excursions