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Only in Lviv there are available near one million inhabitants, at midnight, like a carriage from a famous fairy-tail, all city buses go away, and at that places, like in the Peter’s garden,yellow and dirty taxes appears. Only here, close to Armenian Church, you can see a miracle crossing.
Maybe  fortune-tellers attracted and turned-aside so many men there, burning down all rubbish and whispering something, because here, going by the way, to the church, you can see one sign, that forbid the way to the right, and another that don’t advice you to turn left)))
It’s difficult to imagine that under the city , in the streets on which we go every day, there is another miracle world- a world of Lviv’s undergrounds, a world of unknown, miracle. What secrets have Lviv’s undergrounds?  
We suggest you to visit the underground of Izyits Cathedral and underground halls of Chemistry- museum “ Under Black Eagle”, with thousands of ancient exhibits and alchemist laboratory.
Then the excursion make acquainted you with the labyrinths of Bernardyn’s monastery undergrounds and a museum of  glass, in one of it’s secluded corners. Visiting a garden of strange sculptures-Bernardengarden, going to the biggest underground – Robert Doms Heady House, where you can visit one in Ukraine a beer museum and can try the tastiest Lviv sorts of this honorable drink.

-5 hours excursion (an excursion on foot )  

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