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    If you’re looking for an unforgettable holiday – visit Ukraine!Ukraine is rich in fabulous and nature, diversity of picturesque landscapes, age-old towns with incredibly beautiful architecture and historical monuments.Green Tourism is also very interesting and rapidly growing branch of Ukrainian tourism. You may enjoy the contact with nature and folk traditions, having a rest in a small camp or age-old village. If you’re going to travel to Ukraine, the best time to do it is May- September, when the weather is warm and dry, and your journey won’t be spoiled with incidental rains or fall of temperature.

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    If you plan to visit Ukraine, the most comfortable form of transportation is by airplane. BeeTravel provides all necessary travel information about tourism in Ukraine. Our goal is to make your journey pleasant and easy by helping you to choose right location and all-inclusive organization of your journey. BeeTravel tour operator organizes different tours that will surprise you with moderate prices. Open yourself unlimited possibilities of tourism in Ukraine! Discover Ukraine with BeeTravel company! 

Бі Тревел турфірма Львів
Бі Тревел турагентство Львів
Бі Тревел тури зі Львова

    Positive emotions, unforgettable, entertaining and informative excursions are just a few words about journey to Ukraine! Ukraine is a treasury of perfect places for an unforgettable vacation – historical places and monuments, primeval nature, fantastic landscapes and unique opportunities for adventure holiday (mountains, rocks, caves and rivers). Visit to Ukraine will be a wonderful adventure and these pleasant memories will gladden you for years to come. BeeTravel agency provides comprehensive services for people who want to visit Ukraine. We will help you to spend joyful and memorable time in Ukraine, discovering the most interesting places of this country. If you like interesting and exciting journeys, you should definitely visit Ukraine!