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Organizing nostalgic tours in Ukraine.

    The important task of every person is to remember about its motherland. If you want to visit places in Ukraine where you or your ancestors lived before, if you dream to see the historical heritage of your ancestors BeeTravel agency will willingly help you to do it. We organize nostalgic tours for people from Canada (USA, Germany, France, etc.) who have roots in Ukraine and dream to visit this wonderful country, to see the places where their ancestors or relatives lived, to talk to people, to see the native land. Organizing nostalgic tours BeeTravel agency provides with organizing of the  route of the trip, transportation, accommodation and meals to make your trip to Ukraine  interesting, comfortable and exciting. During the tour to Ukraine you have the unique opportunity to recall your childhood and your parents and grandparents old stories. You’ll have unforgettable and vivid memories with which you can share with friends and family. 

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