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Travel to Ukraine. Castle and fortresses in Ukraine

     Ukrainian castles belong to the most interesting historical places in Ukraine. There are lots of  ancient castles and fortresses with a great history, special picturesque churches which are sacred for thousands of pilgrims, there are also lots of  steep waterfalls in western part of Ukraine. Beauty, grandeur and  harmony of ukrainian castles and churches charmes every person . They all have it’s own  history, interesting legends, special atmosphere and his extraordinary destiny which is closely related with the history of Ukraine. Visiting 137 towns and geographical  objects  you can see almost all existing fortresses and castles of Ukraine, defense temples and monasteries, interesting and romantic castles. We invite you to visit ancient ukrainian castles and feel the  atmosphere of Middle ages, observe  medieval architecture and also visit famous shrines of Ukrainian Christianity  Univ and Pochayiv laura!


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